About The Staff

Blue Beard Army is the official name of the Seton Hall student section at the Prudential Center, who passionately support the Pirates every single game. This site aims to bring that same passion to the internet, sharing news and opinions about our beloved Seton Hall Pirates with a reporter’s professionalism and a fans passion.


Vincent Santore is the Founder of Blue Beard Army, as well as the Editor and graphic designer for the site. In his spare time, he writes bios about his fellow staff members. He can be bothered at vince@bluebeardarmy.com

Matthew Fiedler is the lead writer for Blue Blue Army, and our resident baseball aficionado. A business student at Seton Hall University, Matt loves the Boston Red Sox and Andrew Luck’s beard. He can be reached at matt@bluebeardarmy.com

Madeline Wilson is the brilliant staff photographer who has taken virtually every picture you see on the site, as well as runs our Instagram page, @BlueBeardArmy. A lover of Dr. Who, the Philadelphia Phillies, and all things Seton Hall, Madeline can be reached at madeline@bluebeardarmy.com

Will Reddan is our brilliant statistician, and the creator of the proprietary “Pirate Performance Index” we use here on the site. Will is a New York Mets fan above all else, which we can just write off as a minor character flaw.


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