Pirates to Play in 2014 Paradise Jam

Junior Patrik Auda will likely start in the Paradise Jam

Then Senior Patrik Auda will likely start in the Paradise Jam next Fall

As “Pirates”, part of the duty that comes with the name is the expectation of terrorizing the Caribbean. Later this year, Seton Hall will have that opportunity, playing in the 2014 Paradise Jam preseason tournament November 21-24. Held annually at the University of the Virgin Islands, Seton Hall will be playing against potential opponents Clemson, Gardner Webb, Illinois State, Louisiana State, Nevada, Old Dominion, and Weber State.

True to their name, the Seton Hall Pirates should be able to pillage and plunder their competition. None of their potential opponents are in the AP Top 25, and none besides Seton Hall (14 Isaiah Whitehead, 47 Angel Delgado) and LSU (60 Elbert Robinson) have any ESPN Top 100 Recruits. No doubt Seton Hall will open up as heavy favorites, followed by LSU, with the rest falling somewhat randomly into place. Their exact schedule and match-ups will not be released until much closer to November.

This will be the second time since its 2001 inception that Seton Hall has appeared in the tournament, previously making the semifinals in 2010 and being eliminated in a close loss against Xavier. Xavier would go on to lose to eventually champion Old Dominion, who has the chance to be the first team to claim more than one title in the tournament. Clemson has also previously appeared in the tournament back in 2005, losing to Wisconsin in the title game, as well as placing 3rd in 2010.

I cannot wait to see what the Whitehead-lead Pirates can do in 2014; this will be a great way to showcase their collective ability against much weaker teams and take home the gold. Until then, Hazard Zet Forward.


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