PPI: Pirate Performance Index

Hey there! If you have been a particular observant Pirate (we aren’t saying you are or aren’t, that is entirely up to you), you may have noticed a box like this at the bottom of several of our latest articles:

PPI vs Saint Peter's

At first glance, it seems like an ordinary stat-line that you can find anywhere, such as on ESPN, and you’re not wrong! But, upon closer inspection, there is a column that you will not find on any other site tacked on that the very end: PPI, or (drum roll please) the Pirate Performance Index!

The brainchild of our good friend and fellow Pirate Will, the Pirate Performance Index is a metric that he personally came up with (which you will find on no other site) that is a metric of how well a player did in a game relative to other players. For lack of a better way to describe it, it is essentially a Total Quarterback Rating (QBR), but for Basketball, taking in almost every other possible stat to give a comprehensive number.

For obvious reasons, exactly how is is calculated will be a closely kept secret, but for all upcoming articles, be sure to keep an eye out (and for you stat junkies out there, feel free to speculate) for the PPI, and let us know what you think! Does it accurately reflect how players actually play? Do you think it could be improved? Let us know, and as always Hazard Zet Forward!


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