“Inside The Enemy Ship” Central Connecticut State Blue Devils

Welcome to the first edition of “Inside The Enemy Ship”! The Pirates will come off of their season opening win against Farleigh Dickinson to face the Central Connecticut State Blue Devils at the Prudential Center on Sunday. We had the chance to ask Dillon Meehan, a writer at the Central Recorder, for his thoughts on the game.

1: CCSU has brought on Donyell Marshall to coach the team. How do you see this team transforming under his leadership? DM: It’s tough to say only one game into the season, but offensively this is a much more efficient team.  They’re playing with more pace and ball movement which is always tougher to defend.

2: Where do you see CCSU finishing in the conference this year? DM: This is a team that’s gone 6-30 the past two years in conference play and have been dead last the past two seasons.  There looks to be an improvement but anything better than a middle of the road finish in the conference standings would be surprising.

3: What player should Seton Hall be most worried about facing? DM: Austin Nehls, he shot 38% from three last season and was 4-7 in the opener.  His ability to find open space combined with his quick release and CCSU’s ball movement make it tough for teams to keep him contained.

4: What does coach Marshall need to do to get this program on the right track? DM: They need to learn how to finish. Time and time again CCSU would watch an early lead fade away and give games away in the final five minutes. That almost happened again in the opener but they went on a 13-0 run in a span of three minutes when Hartford cut the lead to four.  That’s something that last year’s team never could do.

5: What is the biggest key to this game for CCSU? DM: Consistency on offense.  They’ve looked rather streaky so far this season.  They need to learn to not rely on big runs to bail them out.

6: What do you see the final score being? DM: 104-75 Seton Hall.  Offensively they should be able to keep up, but Seton Hall just beat a solid FDU team by 20, tough to imagine CCSU doing better than one of the top teams in their own conference.


Tip off is at 2 PM on Sunday and can be viewed on FS1. Big thanks to Dillon Meehan for answering our questions! He can be found on twitter @IVIeehan. Until then, Hazard Zet Forward.


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